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Drag and drop

Building a blog is made easier by a drag-and-drop system. No matter how skilled you are, it’s effortless to create a fully functional blog using our editor.

Multiple data centers

We store our data across various data centers, so your blog will always be served to the visitors using the center that is closest to them.

Plugins and more

You are free to add and customize a variety of plugins. The end design is entirely under your control.

SSL protection

We got your back! You can keep our domain, and our SSL certificate will cover it.


We offer you 100s of templates you are welcome to use. Take a look at the theme preview.


You Can Start Today

Premium Package

Create unlimited blogs

3 - day trial period / 2 EUR


Drag and drop system

Plugins and add-ons

SSL protection

Hundreds of templates

Fully responsive design

Sleek interface

Custom service assistance

Simple and easy to use



Anita Busby

Food Blogger

I love writing about food, but when it comes to building a blog, I know next to nothing. You really made this easy for me, and I managed to create a beautiful blog effortlessly. I’m sure I will use your editor again. Thank you so much!


Paris Mahoney

Fashion Enthusiast & Blogger

Web design is not my forte, but it was so easy to arrange everything exactly how I wanted, using your editor. The selection of templates is stunning, and the only trouble I had is to pick the one I liked the best.


Fabien Mccormick

Travel Blogger

I’ve been in the world of blogging for a while now, and this is the best editor I’ve tried. You don’t need to be an expert or have any particular skills, everything is clear and simple, and there is a bunch of excellent templates to choose from. Outstanding service!

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